Three Suspects have been Arrested and Charged with Attempted Murder

November 16, 2013 West Palm Beach Florida (WPBF) – Three suspects have been arrested and charged with attempted murder in connection with a shooting that prompted school district officials to cancel a high school football game in Belle Glade.

Quinton Smith, Charles Lockhart and Jeremy Lockhart appeared before a judge Friday morning, but said nothing.

They’re accused of shooting Artie Neal outside an apartment complex in Belle Glade on Oct. 24.

Neal survived and, according to the probable cause affidavit, was able to tell investigators exactly who shot him.

From his hospital bed, Neal told investigators he’s known the trio for years.

A judge denied bond for all three suspects.

The night after the shooting, the Palm Beach County school district canceled the football game between Glades Central High School and a school from Miami because of gang violence in the area.

Glades Central was forced to forfeit the game.

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