Knock Out Game — Seattle

November 22, 2013 Seattle Washington (KING5) – Recent attempts to rob people of items like cell phones and other electronic devices has ballooned into such an issue on Metro buses that King County has reached out to other law enforcement to try and find a solution.

Last week near Rainier Avenue South and Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, a woman who was sitting near the front of a Metro bus told police that when the bus came to a stop, two male suspects rushed her. One suspect grabbed her cell phone, the other went for her backpack. The woman said she held on to the items and the suspects dragged her off the bus, according to the police report. The two males eventually ran away without stealing anything.

Reports of thieves aggressively going after cell phones are happening on several Seattle streets.

Thursday morning, a suspect pushed a woman to the ground and stole her cell phone in the 5000 block of South Henderson Street in Seattle. A week ago, a woman told police she was walking along the 2000 block of East Jefferson Street when a man bumped into her right shoulder causing her to loosen her grip. The man then grabbed her cell phone and took off running, according to the police report.

The recent robberies have residents like Roialty McElmore on alert and holding on tight to her cell phone.

“It just makes me feel like it is unsafe around here and you can’t trust people, and it should not be like that,” said McElmore.

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