Nationalist, Marian Kotleba Inauguration postponed by Leftist Conspiracies, in Slovakia

EuroNews does not mention the Anarchist and Communists groups affiliated with the conspiracies against Marian Kotleba. The fact that the inauguration has been postponed shows that the people in elites in charge of Slovakia are extreme leftists.

Here’s there Facebook Page —

World Jewish Congress is also involved —

November 27, 2013 Slovakia (EuroNews) — Authorities in central Slovakia have postponed the inauguration of nationalist Marian Kotleba as governor after locals protested against his election.

Since the weekend’s poll a nightly candlelight vigil has been held mainly by students at a museum which commemorates Slovakia’s fight against fascism.

Marek Šimon was one of those protesting in the region of Banská Bystrica:

“Firstly everybody was surprised that something like this can happen in the 21st century. But now everybody has woken up. We have to deal with it somehow.”

Kotleba who is leader of “Our Slovakia” party won with over 55 percent of the vote. He has a history of making racist statements and analysts think his success was fuelled by anti-Roma sentiment.

Reporting for euronews, Gergely Bártfai said:

“The Republic of Slovakia has been independent for 20 years but its governments have not addressed the difficulties of the Roma and their disadvantaged position within society. For this reason many believe that Marian Kotleba’s victory means a defeat for the entire political elite.”

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