Maria Kang Banned and Punished for Living Healthy


November 28, 2013 — The Politically Correct, Hedonist-Driven, Corruption-Machine called the U.S. Media, has gone after Maria with the ferocity of hunting down Terrorists. You can always be certain that whether it’s FOX, or CNN — the same propaganda will be delivered.

Disclaimer: If you have mental or serious health issues – this article excludes you. This article addresses gluttony, hedonism, vanity, lust and obesity as a(n) obsession that has no boundaries. Remember, Obesity is considered a disease/mental-health issue and so is any eating disorder.

Do you remember pre-1960’s when Homosexuality was considered a mental illness? Do you remember how fast they undermined that medical condition, because the liberals thought it was a normal and natural practice? For any of those who believe the pre-60’s science was incorrect, I suggest you check out the CDC’s statistics on STD’s. I also suggest you check out the other statistical anomalies that follow with choosing that lifestyle – from poverty to mental-health issues. Anyways, the point of bringing up this topic is to point out a reoccurring phenomenon within our medical sciences and the policies of the left. When-ever masses of people decide that Obesity is no longer a disease, the left will spend billions of dollars fighting legal and moral documentation to undermine those documents — replacing them with their own make-believe science and her we go, all over again. That is what is coming! The left will find some way of changing obesity into a ‘protected-group’ and if any healthy person ridicules of slanders it as disgusting and abnormal thought disorder – they will find themselves in jail or slapped with heavy legal costs.

Maria Kang noticed the issues of Obesity in America and probably got tired of seeing the Obese masses ridicule skinny-people (I’ve seen it myself).  Facebook banned her and the entire liberal establishment has come down on her as if she was some sort of terrorist.  It is alright for ‘obese-people’ to attack ‘skinny-people’, but you’d be damned if you ridicule their lifestyle choices.

This is the same tactics the LGBT community uses against those who are openly anti-gay. The Gay community came out and slandered chick-fil-a for their values. If the straight community came out and ridiculed the LGBT community, the entire establishment would come down on them like a ton of bricks. This isn’t so much about free-speech, or having any personal liberties. This is about a particular group of people dictating over the rest of us. A particular group trying to define morality through all of our corrupt and misguided institutions.

This is unfortunately for younger individuals are still learning morality and what they’re learning is nihilism. This is leading future generations over a cliff and if we don’t stand-up and fight the hordes of nihilists, it’s all over.


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