John Lynn Murders Brittany, Kamesha Mills and Artara Benson in Manchester, CT


December 9, 2013 Manchester Connecticut (WFSB) Police have identified the man suspected of shooting three women in Manchester before turning the gun on himself.

Officers were called after reports of multiple shots being fired in the area of 190 Pine St. at about 9:40 p.m.

Within two minutes of receiving the emergency call, police arrived at the parking lot of the Dye House Apartments to find a man, who was later identified as 42-year-old John Lynn, armed with a handgun and holding his 13-month-old son named Jace.

According to police, Lynn put the toddler on the ground and then got into a “very brief confrontation” with officers.

Lynn shot himself in front of the officers, killing himself, police said.

Jace was not injured but taken for evaluation at a nearby hospital, police said.

“It should be noted that the officers’ quick response to the scene prevented the suspect from being able to flee with the child and likely saved the child’s life,” police said in a release Sunday.

None of the officers were injured. However, one did fire at Lynn, but police believe the officer missed the suspect.

Police searched the Dye House Apartments and located the bodies of 28-year-old Brittany Mills, of Manchester, and her cousins, 23-year-old Kamesha Mills, of Manchester, and 46-year-old Artara Benson, of Vauxhall, NJ.

Jace was the 13-month-old son of Brittany Mills, according to her sister, Tashua Parker.

Parker said Brittany Mills had a restraining order against Lynn and was trying to get him to leave. Lynn was paying child support, but Parker said he told the court he didn’t have enough money.

“She thought by getting the restraining order and telling him to move, he would go back to his mother’s and leave her alone,” Parker said.

Brittany Mills along with Kamesha Mills and Benson had just returned home from shopping right before the shooting, Parker said.

“You can’t imagine all the stuff they bought for Christmas. It’s still in the house,” Parker said.

Police said they believe there was fight between the victims and Lynn before the shooting.

Kenny Blue told Eyewitness News his daughter, Kameisha Mills, and Brittany Mills were always together.

“She always told me she loved me,” Blue said. “My last words to her were, ‘I love you.'”

According to police, Lynn was previously arrested in Manchester on June 19 and charged with two counts of disorderly conduct.

However, Hartford police said Lynn was arrested more than 30 times for drugs and assault. He also served time in jail for failing to pay child support.

Buelha Lynn said her son was the father of seven children, but he was not a bad man.

“I hate that it happened to the Mills’ family,” said Buelha Lynn. “I hate it.”

Buelha Lynn said her son had trying to help with his children, but even with three jobs, he could not.

“He had been to me three or four times, telling me about all of his problems,” said Buelha Lynn. “How he was stressed out and couldn’t support his kids.”

The shooting remains under investigation by the Manchester Police Department and the Connecticut State Police Central District Major Crime Squad, which is “standard protocol for officer-involved shootings.”


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