The SPLC — possible connection with Terrorist and Anarchist-Group Activities


Important NOTE: The SPLC does NOT recognize the Crimes and Discrimination of Communists and Anarchists as ‘hate-groups’. It is also important to recognize that the SPLC is more than likely passively supporting them (secretively aiding them). Remember, the SPLC hands out ‘extremist’ material to our military (labeling Evangelical Christians and Catholics as Extremists). It is also terrifying that the silence of the SPLC and their passive support of these Extremist, Left-Wing Groups — consider Police Officers and all Authority figures as ‘Fascists’.

FYI: Tim Wise talks identically like these Anarchist-Groups.

Could the SPLC secretively be aiding Left-Wing Extremism and Foreign-Operations within the United States, while undermining the Moral Fabric of the US Military? I think it’s an investigation that must be STARTED NOW! There’s something fishy going-on with them.

Additional Notes:  Who are the SPLC’s donors and what are their political affiliations. Are they American, or Foreign investors? Does the SPLC aid Left Wing Extremist groups? Do they Aid A Chapter of Anonymous? Are there SPLC type militia/informant groups operating within our police and military? Are they spying —acting as protectors of justice — while handing-out secret information to other nations/terrorist groups?

A lot of information that should be gathered. Until then, I will keep a close eye on all of these groups and hope to get the authorities involved on who is operating these assaults and harassment/discrimination incidents.


December 14, 2013 Indiana —  ANA ( Brags about 3 Anarchists from Hoosier AntiRacist Movement (HARM) assaulting people.

At about 5 30pm members of the traditionalist youth network (TYN), a Christian Organization (not fascist), based out of Indiana, joined by knights party, gathered at 7th and Cherry in Terre Haute, IN. The group was meeting up with supporters before their protest against Tim Wise’s speaking engagement at Indiana State University 3 blocks down. — ANA website states.


Within 5 minutes of arriving at the meet-up location, 9 white supremacists were confronted by 3 antifascists as another anti-racist waiting for the protest looked on. TYN’s leader Thomas Buhls received 2-3 punches to the face and had his mouth split open. Immediately after, one nazi was dropped to the floor with one punch while Brian Bryant, who hilariously drove 9 hours from Arkansas, threw his sign and ran away screaming as one of the antifascists chased him through the intersection. Another white supremacist also received about 5-6 blows to the head while being held by his shirt. Meanwhile, Thomas Buhls cowardly pulled out his pepper spray and sprayed the uninvolved anti-racist onlooker (also accidentally pepper spraying Matthew Heimbach LOL!!) as Matt Parrott, who was tossed to the floor, grabbed onto his leg and held it while curling up in the fetal position like a docile child. The anti-racist escaped his hold by punching his way out in self defense but then was later detained by the fascists and arrested. He got out the next morning on a measly misdemeanor battery. Reference :


OPP, ANA, HARM and other Anarchist, Anti-Fa, Communist elements understand that they can’t always get their way by violence and force (which is really how they prefer to operate). They have developed immoral means of undermining, who they deem fascists — through harassment and discrimination. Examples of how they intent to use these forms of harassment, are stated here by the Southern Poverty Law Center:

For Telly of HARM, ‘doxing’ and outing racists is a better alternative than a physical confrontation in a crowded restaurant. After all, he says, the authorities do it when they post warnings and photos of sex offenders moving into a new neighborhood. “Some racist moves to town and we get him to lose his job, tell his girlfriend about his criminal record and Nazi dealings,” he says. “All of a sudden another Nazi group doesn’t get set up and nobody got beat up.” Paragraph listed here.

It is interesting that the SPLC knows of the individuals and crimes involved, yet, doesn’t contact the local authorities. This is known as aiding and abetting in a crime. If the SPLC has any information on these operatives, criminal activities, they are required by law to contact the authorities.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has internal knowledge of these Anarchist/Communist groups.


Indiana ANTIFA:

One People’s Project:

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