Tolerance, Far-Left Politics always leads to Nationalism

December 17, 2013 American Nationalist News — The Liberals, Marxists, anarchists, communists, homosexuals, and minorities, with their special interest groups, have been tirelessly working to undermine the entire fabric of (Christian) Culture and Identity within the Western-world.

Important Note: Notice not-one leftist group advocates the mass emigration of Europeans into Africa, Asia or the Middle east. Why? Because they are not the center of economy, political or social power. I sincerely believe that this is a bizarre experimentation being played out in America. I also have recognized that they want a soulless, godless and race-less society, where European peoples are bombarded with minority-based idealism. On the media there’s always the push for more trends, consumerism, the occult, miscegenation, vanity, narcissism and anything that is the inverse of Christian.

Where-ever the leftists attempt to apply their beliefs, there is always the revival of nationalism. Look at Greece for example; They’ve embraced Socialism, Egalitarianism, which is much more than anything we Americans could, or would allow. Just like Greeks, we Americans have some comparisons — like dealing with Border-Jumpers. But, the differences are economic. We don’t share Greece’s issues, Yet.

Now imagine —

Imagine you’re an American with little money and then the Liberal-Government demands more money from your paycheck in taxes towards adding Illegal immigrants and same-sex equality causes. Let us say, you’re a Christian who doesn’t agree with homosexuality and you believe that the border should be upheld, as law dictates. You refuse to comply with aiding the illegality of immigration and homosexuality and you post your feelings openly on Facebook. A liberal, pro-egalitarian group probes around and runs into your posts. They reports you to Facebook and your employer. You go to work and your boss calls you and to tell you the bad-news that you are fired. Imagine the pressure you would feel, when your wife and child look at you as you come back from your last day of work. In order to keep the family calm, you keep silent. Knowing that the weight and severity of the issues, that lay ahead. You are torn in your mind between reconciling your Christian faith, in order to survive.

The next day you can’t sleep, torn-apart between God and Income. You know that you’re all alone and the entire establishment is against you and your beliefs. After time, you realize you won’t sell-out your faith for income. You feel compelled to stand-up. You believe that any form of compliance towards what you feel as wrong must be fought against. So,  you tell your family that you have to defend what is right. Surprisingly,  Your family stands by you, afraid, but they recognize that they must do the right thing.

After time and thought, you realize that the conservatives party and many christian institutions are working right-along with the same groups. You remember hearing about a  nationalist movement within your community fighting against illegal immigration and the restoration of family values. You go and check it out and realize they see things identical to you. You realize they’re holding a rally and you want to join in the march. When you arrive there’s several police officers holding back people who are screaming white-pig, racist, homophobe and several other foul-terms which I wont mention here. Next thing you know while in your march hundreds of Anti-Fascists start attacking you. You go home beat-up badly, cut and bruised because you didn’t want to see your family and country be exploited. You as a white-person start to realize the only protection you have from these ‘attacks’ is by joining a nationalist party. You realize that if you don’t take action, your family and country will no longer be recognized as American. You realize that your country and community will be ridden with fanatics that are violent and have no compassion for authority, law or your faith.

The patterns are always the same

We are beginning to see a pattern amongst nations who embrace leftist ideology, and where it eventually leads. As in the case of the story I’ve presented above.

Several special interest groups financially and politically motivating American thinking and habits towards their political ends.

These same groups and motives where used in Greece. Leftism made Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn would exist if the Leftists didn’t push their idealism on everyone.

Within the United States Hate Crime and Speech laws would not be necessary in a homogenous society. New laws and invasion of our privacy are needed in a multicultural society. These leftist ideologies make the indigenous people feel worthless and like they are not welcome in their own homes — for fear of offending another race, or culture.

The point is simple. Leftist Ideology always leads to Nationalism. You cannot mistreat the indigenous people through ridiculous laws which take-away the rights of the indigenous people for some border-less, non identity citizenship. Culture and Race are so significant to people, they will fight anything opposing it, as we can see in Greece.

it is certain that if the far-left continues to push their asinine ideologies in Greece, it will only make Golden Dawn Stronger. Not only will it make Golden Dawn Stronger, it will turn otherwise normal passive people into fanatical combatants.

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