The Solutions towards defeating Miscegenation (Race-Mixing) within the United States

Editor: Timothy Lindemann

December 18, 2013 (American Nationalist News) — Even with all the left-wing propaganda, only 2.9% of the Total population, or 9 Million Americans are involved in miscegenation — according to the US Census Bureau.

Recognize the states which practice Miscegenation the most, California, Oklahoma Hawaii and Alaska. California is known for it’s heavy concentration of black music and heavy left-wing programming.


While the Younger-Generation, within Major Metropolitan areas have bought into the left-wing propaganda, 97% of the population still sticks to homogenous (same-race) relationships. This means, even with heavy left-wing propaganda and forced governmental programs, most white-people stick to their own race.

In U.S., 87% Approve of Black-White Marriage, vs. 4% in 1958

Ninety-six percent of blacks, 84% of whites approve

According to Gallup Polls, a Majority of Americans agree with Race-mixing, but would not practice it themselves. This is approximately the same percentage who support gay-rights. Though many agree with homosexuality, only 4% of the total population practice it. What this means is that while 87% of the population has been propagandized into supporting race-mixing, only 2.9% would be involved in it.


95% of White Americans Have No African Ancestry


There are solutions towards defeating Race-Mixing by recognizing 4 steps which I have outlined

1) Educate the white population on the percentage of black individuals infected with HIV/AIDS. click here.

What this means: Warn them that by having intercourse with a black male, a white women takes a 50% chance of catching HIV

2) Educate the white population on the super high divorce/violence rates amongst those who race-mix. click here

The evidence shows that Mixed-race couples will likely not last, or end in some form of domestic violence, or even death.

3) Educate the white population on the lacking pool of mixed-raced blood and organs. click here

Mix-raced children are more likely to die of something very simple, due to the lack of supply. Remember according to statistics, even with heavy propaganda, only 2.9% of Americans are involved with miscegenation.

4) Let natural selection sort things out. Natural selection and time have a way of weeding out bad ideas.  It’s just a matter of time before all of this will back-fire.

People and Times change, but the truth always remains the same.

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