Anders Breivik — Did he do the right thing?

Editor — Timothy Lindemann

The Left calls him a ‘terrorist’. We call him an Icon for Future Nationalists.

December 26, 2013 (American Nationalist News) — Anders Breivik understood who was behind Multiculturalism. He understood who kept letting the flood of immigrants into his country. He understood who kept indigenous Norwegians from getting jobs.

Mr. Breivik has been ridiculed and criticized by many nationalists. A lot of it based on very valid principles, such as credibility. We must recognize the virtues of power and force when it is morally required. The failures of Democracy leads to Nationalism.

Anders Breivik is one of many white-Christians ,who seen themselves as something greater than, flipping hamburgers, down at the local fast-food joint. He recognized, minorities were getting higher paying jobs, within positioned-places of power — simply because they were non-white, or ‘affiliated’.

Minorities are cheaper — proving that ‘Race’ does play a part in economics — Super Capitalists and Marxists, play this card well.

This drags-up another point about white Norwegians being displaced by Muslim and Liberal fanatics. According to their logic, murdering white Norwegians is pay-back and generally swept under the rug as just another misunderstood minority. But, When a Norwegian says enough is enough, he is labeled the worst criminal in Norwegian history.

This is a pathology that runs into the United States and throughout Europe. White-People are being displaced and hammered by Liberals and their special interest groups.  It’s an onslaught of forced — Secularized – we-are-the-world – hippie nonsense. It’s immoral and it’s not natural.

There’s a reason the DOD, DHS and several other institutions are required to spend billions in order to make multiculturalism work. Without these special interests reenforced by liberal pathology — white-people would be massacring minorities — for economic and moral issues.

Think about this. Local Businesses wouldn’t be hiring minorities, because of the connections they have with local criminal gangs. Nor would local home owners be renting-out to minorites. Why!? Because of their Nature. They’re not Europeans, nor do they act, or behave like us. Even Geneticists will verify genetic differences, within the Races of Man.

Therefore, our governments, with corporations, have painted this facsimile of reality, for a reason — Profit and Immorality. Super Capitalists follow political trends to make money, while the Liberal-Government implement laws to keep the cycle in motion. These concepts are Marxism (Materialism, Secularism, Consumerism), meshed with Super Capitalism (Profit is the only ethic). An Example, FaceBook owner Mark Zuckrberg and his push for Amnesty Reform. Connected with Obama’s Amnesty plans, you have a mutual effort, which undermines the American People.

It is essential that the Liberals keep this facsimile alive, otherwise their illusion would disappear. We can see these facts within Greece. Golden Dawn is proof. This isn’t a phenomenon of so-called ‘racism’. This is what happens when the government can no-longer afford the illusion and people return to their natural instincts.  It is tribalism. Our government funds tribal politics within special interest. The only difference between Liberal-Tribalism and Moral Tribalism are its outcome.

If therefore, Egalitarianism needs pseudo medical terminology, with endless funding, then it’s not natural, or normal. It is essential that the democracy and egalitarian lovers understand this. Whether they understand, or agree is inconsequential.  The inevitable outcome is natural selection.

The modern day European and American are Nominal Liberals — Marxian-Socialists, with Communist Ideals. That is to say, Humans are all the same, Production and Consumerism, justify those means. There is no moral implications, beyond pure Dopamine-based principles — “if it feels good, it must be good”, least we forget the endless mantras of, hedonism and nihilism.

To the point, Anders isn’t a(n) evil terrorist, as the leftists and their entire financial control, over every media-outlet, wants you to believe. This is one man, who’s set the example, of much more to come.

We can see around the world, a nationalist awakening, all over Europe. It’s growing at a spectacular speed. The resistance was only hundreds during the 90s. Thousands during the beginnings of the 21st century. Now it’s become uncontrolled, and taking over.

Adolf Hitler understood the power of Belief + Nationalism.

Adolf Hitler also understood that organized militias aren’t a requirement. He understood that individual belief to carrying the mission through, are highly successful.

The difference between a Jihadist and a Christian-Militant are presuppositional. The Christian Nationalist is defending his Nation. The Muslim Jihadist is murdering people offensively, in other people’s lands.

The Left believe they have won through monopolized special interest. They don’t see the underline symptom and the unbeatable determination that cant be bought.

The future of Nationalism will come by two fronts. One will be the orthodox method, by establishing Political power. The other will be done by individuals.

I’m serious when I said the end of individuality and liberalism are here.

The Special Interest groups, believe they have the upper-hand, through forming so-called ‘counter-terrorist’ organizations, designed to, thwart any plans, Nationalists have. They are mistaken, and eventually, will be undermined by both fronts (which I have mentioned above). You cannot operate a successful campaign, against your opposition, when morality is not on your side. Whether Special-Interest wants to believe in God and morality, are inconsequential. When that day arrives, and they are facing the inevitable — there will be no question.

When Nationalists take control politically, the liberal establishment, with their corporate sponsors, are finished. The fanaticism and the moral pursuits, of each Nationalist, will find these individuals, and it’s going to be identical to the, beheadings, in Russia.

No threat of execution, or removing their freedom in jail will be persuasive. This is the end of Liberalism, as I stated above.

This is my prediction of things to come. I don’t sponsor violence, nor the attack of, any individuals who are in opposition to the Nationalist viewpoint. I am logically deducing outcome.

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3 thoughts on “Anders Breivik — Did he do the right thing?

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  3. deepblack says:

    Not sure. The Mainstream Media from FoxNews on down is still 100% politically correct. Anyone who publicly speaks the truth is instantly unemployable. The liberal-corporate alliance controls all. At least that’s how it seems.

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