Manhunt: Adrian Clay, escapes Prison, in Detroit

December 29, 2013, Detroit, Michigan, (FOXDetroit) — Detroit Police are still searching for a convicted carjacker who escaped from the Detroit Reentry Facility around 7:30am Saturday. Police say 25-year-old Adrian Clay was last seen near Ryan Road and Hildale Street.

Clay was wearing prison blues with a red stripe, but he may have changed clothes. He’s described as 5′-6″ tall, 161 lbs, with a dark complexion.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig says a helicopter was called in to help with the search. State Police and state Corrections officers are also part of the manhunt. Clay may have jumped into an older model Chevy with a busted out rear window near Mt Elliot and Strong St.

Clay was sentenced in 2005 for carjacking and weapons charges. He was paroled earlier this month and assigned to the reentry center. He was a trustee doing janitorial work, which gave him access to less secure areas of the prison.

If you have any information, call 9-1-1 immediately.

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