Milton Miranda Murders, Jose Reyes, by beating, beheading, and dismemberment

From Left to Right: Salvadore Gutierrez, Daisy Gutierrez and Milton Miranda

December 30, 2013 Chicago, Illinois, (Mailonline)

  • Lover arrested ‘for beheading brother of girlfriend’s ex after she lured him to her home with striptease before attack’
  • Police say 19-year-old Daisy Gutierrez lured Jose Reyes, 30, into the deadly clutches of her jealous boyfriend using a striptease.
  • Milton Miranda, 22, is accused of beating Mr Reyes with a pipe, slitting his throat, beheading and dismembering him.
  • Salvador Gutierrez, Daisy’s 56-year-old father, is charged with helping conceal the homicide after spending three hours digging the hole behind his Chicago home to bury the remains
  • Mr Miranda then put the man’s butchered body into plastic bags before tossing them into the hole, cops said

A third person connected to a grisly murder involving a Chicago teen luring her ex-boyfriend’s brother to her new lover who brutally murdered him and butchered his lifeless corpse has been arrested.

Milton Miranda, 22, killed Jose Reyes, 30,while Daisy Gutierrez watched before helping conceal evidence, police said. He was arrested Saturday in New Jersey and will join his 19-year-old girlfriend and her father behind bars while awaiting trial.

Salvadore Gutierrez, the girl’s father, was also arrested for helping bury the viciously murdered man’s remains in his back yard, police said.

Mr Miranda was arrested Saturday in New Jersey and extradited to Illinois, the Chicago Police Department announced Sunday.

The couple is alleged by police to have hatched a plan to lure her former flame’s boyfriend into the girl’s bedroom where she stripped off her clothes May 21 before Mr Miranda came bursting through the door, beat the unwitting man with a pipe and slit his throat, the Chicago Sun-Times.

Ms Gutierrez had previously been in a relationship with Mr Reyes’ brother that produced more than one child, and he had expressed an interest in her, sources told the paper.

Not content to just beat and stab the innocent man to death, Mr Miranda then hacked off his head and butchered the rest of his body so it would fit into plastic bags, authorities said.

The deranged girl has been charged with concealing a homicide for watching as Mr Miranda brutally murdered and slaughtered the victim after police say she admitted to doing so.

An autopsy confirmed the official cause of death was ‘multiple sharp force injuries’ and ‘assault.

Once sure Mr Reyes was dead, the heartless girl called her father to tell him she ‘fixed the problem,’ a source told the Sun-Times.

She convinced to help conceal the body, he spent three hours digging a hole in his backyard and watched as Mr Miranda placed the body parts in plastic bags into the hole, cops said.

The perverse pair then fled to New Jersey but was quickly arrested.

Mr Reyes’ body was found by police only days later after they searched the home. It is unknown what prompted detectives to look for Reyes at the Gutierrez residence.

It is also unclear what prompted the teen mother of three – who is also three months pregnant with her new boyfriend’s child – to admit to the crime along with her father.

Her bond was set at $2 million. His father’s was set at $500,000.

Police say they also found human body parts in jars in the house. They have not yet determined whether those remains belong to Reyes or to someone else.

Assistant state’s attorney Heather Kent said Gutierrez has a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old with Reyes’ brother.

The father of those two boys and the grieving brother of the victim spoke previously about the ordeal.

‘My sons can’t stay with people like that,’ Jorge Moncada said in Spanish. ‘I’m going to fight for them.’

He also said these tragic events are entirely surprising.

‘She threatened me and my brother several times, she planned this,’ said Mr Moncada.

According to her public defender, Ms Gutierrez’s third child, a three-year-old, is with another man. She is pregnant with Mr Miranda’s child.

Victim: Jose Reyes

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2 thoughts on “Milton Miranda Murders, Jose Reyes, by beating, beheading, and dismemberment

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