TriMet Bus Driver, Hit 15 Times, by Daemon Lamarr Bowman, in Portland


December 31, 2013, Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — A Multnomah County Circuit Court judge agreed Monday to release from jail a 39-year-old man accused of pummeling a North Portland TriMet bus driver

Judge Kenneth Walker said defendant Daemon L. Bowman must be supervised by a Closed Street Supervision employee. Bowman has been held in Multnomah County jail since Dec. 13 in lieu of $10,000 bail, but his defense attorney requested Monday that her client be released.

Jail officials said Bowman will be released Thursday.

Deputy district attorney Steve O’Hagan objected to the release, saying Bowman showed poor impulse control on Dec. 12, the night he attacked the unidentified female bus driver. She called TriMet dispatch to say that a Line 4 passenger “had a cow about” her asking him to pay full fare. “He hit me in the head about 15 times,” she told a dispatcher. “I can’t see myself. I don’t know what I look like.”

Police worked with a grainy video image of the attacker and recognized him as he left his home the next day. They arrested him a short while later at a store not far from the scene of the assault in the St. John’s neighborhood, at North Richmond Street and North Syracuse Avenue.

Bowman was charged with third-degree assault, interfering with public transportation and second-degree criminal mischief. His trial has tentatively been set for Feb. 5.

A TriMet spokeswoman said Bowman’s upcoming release is “upsetting.”

“TriMet has asked the district attorney to seek the most severe penalty possible and we do hope he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said Roberta Altstadt in a news release. “Our thoughts remain with the operator as she deals with the emotional and physical effects of the incident.”


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2 thoughts on “TriMet Bus Driver, Hit 15 Times, by Daemon Lamarr Bowman, in Portland

  1. EbenGale says:

    Compare the government response to the white bi-polar idiot who played knockout game on an elderly black man. I believe he did not make bail and will be charged under federal hate crime laws. This crime is easily as heinous, but I bet the black thug will do less than 1/10th the time, if any.

  2. seapeamp says:

    Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians but White countries for EVERYBODY?

    If diversity is so wonderful, why does ONLY one race have to practice it?

    “Diversity” is a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE.

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