Female Homosexuals — FEMEN and PussyRoit — Same Anti-Christian Agenda

January 1, 2014 Cologne, Germany, (focus.de) — Nightmare in the Christmas Fair: A Femen activist jumps in Cologne Cathedral stripped to the waist on the altar. ” I am God ” written on it . Reckless, ZdK president says happiness. Similarly, evaluates the action of the Green politician Beck. Let reacts Cardinal Meisner .

The protest of a naked activist on the altar of Cologne Cathedral during Mass on Christmas Day has encountered significant criticism. The President of the Central Committee of German Catholics , Alois Glück , the action of FEMEN activist called hurtful and inconsiderate. The religio-political spokesman for the Greens, Volker Beck, described it as disrespectful and ” an unnecessary disturbance of the faithful in worship .”

The 20 – year-old woman had jumped on the altar on Wednesday shortly after the beginning of the service with Cardinal Joachim Meisner only with a kind of loincloth wearing . She had the words ” I am God ” (“I am God ” ) painted on the naked upper body and turned to open stretched upward arms of the municipality. The woman who belongs to the organization Femen protest was discharged after a few minutes by the police in the cathedral.

Display due to malfunction of worship

According to a Cologne police spokeswoman on Thursday was against them filed a complaint for disturbing religious worship and trespassing . In the former , a fine or even prison could face up to three years. Another display had been refunded due to slight injury because activist suffered minor injuries , police said spokeswoman .

In women, it is the Femen activist Josephine Witt, who already demonstrated at the Hannover fair against Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and sat for several months because of bare-breasted protests in Tunisia in prison.

Reference: http://www.focus.de/panorama/welt/femen-im-koelner-dom-kritik-an-barbusigem-auftritt-verletzend-und-ruecksichtslos_id_3505456.html

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