Interracial: Drunk father, Deandre Kelley fatally shoots 11 year-old Shanti Lanza

Kelley has a lengthy arrest record and has been arrested for drug and alcohol charges, reports. He also has been charged 3 times in 12 years with domestic violence against Kristina Lanza – with each charge later dropped.

January 12, 2014 Cincinnati, Ohio (WCPO) — An argument fueled by alcohol led to gunfire and a father sitting in jail, charged with killing his own daughter.

That is the story coming into focus for police after officers received a call of a shooting at 800 Delhi Avenue around 3 a.m. Sunday morning. Once on the scene, first responders found 11-year-old Shanti Lanza shot in the chest.

Doctors would pronounce her dead a short time later at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Neighbors and witnesses told the rest of the story.

“She just was laying on the floor,” one neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous reported. “I’d seen blood on her face and thought maybe she was shot in the face until I seen the neighbor with her hands on the little girl’s chest trying to revive her. So all I did was comfort them and pray with them and holding her up trying to breathe up her nose and out of her mouth and not pass out.”

The father, Deandre Kelley, 34, according to those neighbors and Shanti’s older sister, arrived home shortly after 2 a.m., intoxicated to the point his girlfriend, Shanti’s mother, forced him out of the house. It was in front of the home he fired four shots in the air.

One of those bullets took a tragic angle toward Shanti who fled to her mother’s second story bedroom, according to Shanti’s grandmother.

Without it being clear Kelley knew what transpired, he fled the scene, sparking a search for him that ended at about 10 a.m., when he was arrested for reckless homicide and taken to the Hamilton County Jail.

Hamilton County Clerk of Courts records indicate Cincinnati police arrested Kelley in the past for at least one domestic violence situation involving Shanti’s mother in 2007. No conviction was ever made.

He was convicted of assault in 2003 of two other people.

Shanti, a student at Riverside Academy, became the sixth homicide death to occur in Cincinnati in 2014.

Sunday’s incident is part of a recent spate of homicides that follows a deadly 2013.  Cincinnati saw a 42 percent increase in homicides compared to 2012, according to analysis of data by WCPO. Seventy-five homicides occurred in Cincinnati in 2013.

The death is the fourth since Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell held a town hall where he outlined his plan to reduce violence in the city.  With the child’s death, the city is tied with last year’s number of homicides for the month of January 2013

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