Married Arian Foster, has Affair with Brittany Norwood, who is pregnant

January 15, 2014, Houston, Texas, (KHOU) — A judge has ordered Houston Texans Arian Foster and the woman who is allegedly pregnant with his child to comply with a mutual injunction to stay away from each other until their legal matter is done.

Brittany Norwood’s attorneys filed for a temporary restraining order against the married running back claiming he and his brother have been pressuring her to get an abortion. A hearing on the matter was set for Wednesday morning, but Harris County Family Court Judge James Lombardino called in attorneys for both sides Tuesday. He ruled that neither side can harass the other while the case plays out in court.

Foster’s attorney filed a motion asking the judge for a gag order. He claims Norwood was planning to produce a reality show about being pregnant with the NFL star’s baby. The judge denied the attorney’s request.

Norwood, a 20-year-old University of Houston senior, claims she didn’t know Foster was married with children when she had sex with him last summer. She said they were first intimate at Hotel ZaZa where Foster was staying during training camp.

Norwood said they also spent a week together in California in November while Foster was recovering from back surgery. Norwood sold photos of them together in California to TMZ.

“I truly fell in love with this person,” Norwood said.

Foster has not commented about Norwood’s claims, but he has spoken publicly about his marriage and posted photos of his daughter on social media.

Norwood said everything changed when she told Foster she was pregnant and wanted to keep the baby.

“He’s like, ‘You can’t have this, you can’t have this kid, like, we cannot bring a child into this, like, think about my kids,’” Norwood said.

She said Foster began sending text messages urging her to end the pregnancy.

“You just can’t bring a life into this world under these circumstances. It’s not fair to anyone. It’s not just about you,” read one message, according to Norwood.

She said Foster’s brother, Abdul, also sent messages.

“He’s like, ‘You know, if you loved Arian at all you would have an abortion because this child is going to ruin everything,’” Norwood said. “’Like, our whole family will never accept this child.’”

Norwood said the baby is a boy and he’s due in June. She said Foster hasn’t helped with her medical bills.

“I’m 20, I’m scared, I’m another single mom,” she said through tears.

The temporary restraining order filed against Foster claimed he recklessly engaged in a pattern of outrageous conduct that caused Norwood to “suffer severe emotional distress.”

“We want his conduct to stop,” said attorney Douglas York. “We want him to communicate effectively and we want the harassment to end.”

They are also asking the court to force Foster to submit to DNA tests to prove he is the father.

According to court documents, the couple will be back in front of a judge on Feb. 24.

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