Brandon L. Banks Murders Marsha Ann Brown

January 7, 2014 JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS)  — A man accused of murdering a Cape Girardeau woman was arrested in St. Louis Thursday.

Jackson County Sheriff Robert Burns reports that Brandon L. Banks, 28, was arrested at a St. Louis, Mo. home Thursday evening.

According to the St. Louis County Police Department, Banks denied extradition back to Jackson County, Ill. Banks will remain in St. Louis County until Jackson County authorities request his extradition and an extradition hearing is held.

Banks is charged with the first degree murder of Marsha Ann Brown, 40, of Cape Girardeau. A passerby saw her body while driving on Hwy. 51 near Makanda, Ill. and called police around 9:40 a.m. Tuesday.

According to court documents, Banks is accused of using a handgun to kill Brown.

According to Sheriff Burns, Banks was arrested at 6 p.m. Deputies acted on information developed through the course of the investigation and went to St. Louis in search of Banks.

With the cooperation of the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office and the United States Marshal’s Office, Banks was found at the home of an unidentified acquaintance.

Banks is currently being held at a St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center. He will eventually be extradited back to Jackson County.

Jackson County and Murphysboro investigators remain in St. Louis, Mo. continuing the investigation.

The family of Marsha Brown said they are still hurting from their loss, and were quick to point out that Brown was someone they all looked up to.

Destiny Headrick, Brown’s oldest daughter, said she remembers that smile her mother had to brighten up her day. She said two weeks ago she had a baby and that was the only thing Brown talked about.

“I hope they find him ASAP,” Headrick said. “I’m disgusted with him. I just want justice for my mom and we will not stop until we get that. She deserves that. She didn’t deserve to go like this away from us five and her granddaughter and she will rest in peace.”

Brown is survived by five children, along with a number of other family members.

“I started the year off as a mother of one and now I’m a mother of five,” Headrick said. “What else can I say? I’m going to be there for them just like my aunts who are behind me 100 percent. I’m going to everything I can to make sure they are good and that’s dedicated to my mother.”

They described her as a loving mother who would go out of her way for anyone. Now, they want justice.

“Just knowing that she is gone and never coming back,” said Marsha Brown’s other daughter, Tyneisha Brown. “I just keep praying to her to knock on the door and say it was all a joke, but that’s not happening.”

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