Black Woman Arrested: 5 Children Living in Feces, Bug-Infested Home

March 27, 2014, Orlando, Florida (WESH2) — Five children have been found living in a filthy home brimming with trash, dog feces and urine-soaked beds, police in Florida have said.

One of the children begged to be given a new family and opened his mouth to reveal a set of rotten teeth when investigators went inside the home in Orlando, according to a police report.

Their mother, Yolander Lasane, 45, has been charged with child neglect after her children, aged 5, 9, 12, 15 and 17, are believed to have been living in the sickening conditions for several years.

Photographs show clothing and trash strewn about the house, black mold and rotting wood in the kitchen and an insect-filled bathroom with a broken toilet, sink and bathtub.

Animal feces was also found over floors and walls, according to the police report.

Police were called to the home by a Department of Children and Family worker, who told officers that she was concerned Lasane’s 17-year-old child had not been home in three weeks.

The teenager had never been reported missing and Lasane told authorities that she was troublesome and had been ‘sleeping around’, and did not think she had to report her missing.

The children, ages 15-17, were living in the deplorable conditions for years, officials said. The house has been condemned. DCF officials are working to place the children in safe environments.

According to the arrest affidavit, the toilet, sink and shower were inoperable and “the only thing in the kitchen that seemed to be working was an electric can opener that the kids stated would open cans of food to eat.”

According to the report, Lasane told police it was her weight and knees that kept her from caring for her children. She said “she can only lay in bed,” leaving the kids to “come and go as they please.”

Police said when they arrived, one of the children asked for a new family and complained that his teeth hurt. When police looked in his mouth, they said his teeth were completely rotted.

Neighbors say they would often seen one of Lasane’s five children wandering down the street, looking to work for money.

Lasane faces five counts of child neglect.

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