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White women more likely to stick to their race, than White men

It’s obvious that white women are more selective than men. It’s obvious that women have more morals than men in relationships.

The big finding is this: among white women who stated a racial preference on Yahoo Personals, 73%, 64% of these selected that they wished to date white men only. In contrast, among white men who stated a racial preference, 60%, only 29% of these stated that they would like to date white women only. In other words: men who expressed racial preferences were excluding particular types of women, while women who expressed racial preferences were doing so to include only men of their own race.

This seems to comport with previous work which suggests that once you control for perceived physical attractiveness men do not discriminate much in dating, while women continue to discriminate even if they assess out-group males to be physically attractive (e.g., one would conclude from this that the white male aversion to dating black women has to do with assessments of physical appearance, as much of the discriminatory effect disappears once you control for assessed attractiveness). This makes some sense, men generally weight physical appearance higher than women in the calculus which determines their preferences.

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Interracial: Jungle Fever on Valet Ticket, at Spondivits – East Point, Georgia

Important Note: Black man has been fired for writting the note.

Empirical: Race-Mixing/Miscegenation, is a liberal phenomenon. Practiced and defended, ‘only‘ by them.


January 4, 2014 Atlanta Georgia (NYDailyNews) — A Georgia couple started their new year with a sad reminder that racism still exists.

Sam Aarons, a U.S. Army sergeant major, and his wife Candea Aarons found the words “jungle fever” written on their valet ticket after what was supposed to be a celebratory New Year’s Day meal.

Now, the Aarons just feel hurt and shocked.

“I was upset, but more disappointed. More disappointed that this is 2014 and we still have individuals out there who still have these beliefs,” Sam Aarons, of Columbus, told WTVM.

Sam, who has just come back from serving in Kuwait, decided to take his wife to Spondivits restaurant in East Point for a nice seafood dinner after a day of shopping. The valet who parked their car was allegedly an African American man who seemed friendly enough.

 “I was really pleased with the service,” Sam said. “I gave him a good tip, and then we left.”

“The boldness. To put something like this on a card, attach it to your customer’s key chain in such a way that they are sure it is not going to fall off, and that they are actually going to get this piece of paper and read it,” Candea said. “Who does that, January 1, 2014, who does that?”

It’s a common practice for valets or waiters to jot down quick notes to remember their customers. But some employees in the service industry have gotten in hot water after leaving offensive words, like fat, on valet tickets.

The Aarons feel they were the targets of discrimination. They said they had never been labeled in this way during the 13 years that they’ve been together as a couple.

“To me those words were racially motivated,” Candea told News One.

Chef Glenn Gane, of Spondivits restaurant, released a statement saying that “Spondivits does not tolerate racial speech of any kind.” The company that hired the valet, APS, confirmed to WSB-TV that the man had been fired. His identity has not been revealed.

Although the man has lost his job, Candea thinks it is not enough. The couple are now seeking the aid of attorneys.

“I was unprepared and I was unaware racism is alive and well,” she said.

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NYPD stats: 70% of shooting suspects were black

January 3, 2014 New York City, New York (NYDailyNews) — Data collected during the first six months of the year also reveal that 74% of the city’s shooting victims were black, and an additional 21.5% were Hispanic. NYPD top cop Raymond Kelly has used similar numbers to justify stop-and-frisk, while black community activists say the frustrating statistics reflect the stark reality of economics in poorer neighborhoods.

If you’re black, you are almost 25 times more likely to be shot in New York City than a white person — and you are also more likely to be arrested for pulling a trigger, alarming new NYPD statistics show.

Data collected during the first six months of the year reveal 74% of the city’s 567 shooting victims were black. An additional 21.5% were Hispanic. Less than 3% of shooting victims were white, according to the report.

Blacks also accounted for the majority — about 70% — of the 222 people arrested for shooting someone during the first half of 2013, according to the NYPD’s Crime and Enforcement Activity report.

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Demography, Poverty and Intelligence — We are not all Equal

Highest IQs on the Planet

December 29, 2013 (American Nationalist News/Princeton) — The connection between race and intelligence has been a subject of debate in both popular science and academic research since the inception of intelligence testing in the early 20th century, particularly in the United States. Intelligence quotient (IQ) tests performed in the US have consistently demonstrated a significant degree of variation between different racial groups, with the average score of the African American population being significantly lower.


Recognize a Pattern?

Urban districts are among the worst at graduating black males: Atlanta, 34 percent; Baltimore, 35 percent; Philadelphia, 28 percent; New York, 28 percent; Detroit, 27 percent; and St. Louis, 38 percent.

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