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Flash Mob — Bryan Texas

January 9, 2014 Bryan, Texas, (Mailonline/Bryan Police Department/CCTV) — Mob of teens caught on tape ransacking convenience store in 20 minute spree before TWERKING in defiance as clerk desperately tries to stop them

Surveillance video shows the kids rushing through Chevron Food Mart in Bryan, Texas, Saturday night, grabbing everything they can get their hands
A few teenagers trickled into the store as clerk Terry Polsgrove was closing up for the night
Then, all of a sudden, 30 to 40 teenagers were dancing and acting ‘crazy’ in the aisles and in the parking lot
Investigators are using the video to identify the young thieves who could be charges with theft, criminal mischief or organized criminal activity
They made off with $200 worth of chips, candy and soda

A mob of teenagers have been caught on tape robbing a convenience store in Bryan, Texas.

Surveillance video shows the kids rushing through the store, grabbing everything they can get their hands on as girls are seen twerking and doing the splits outside.

The frightening ransacking incident took place Saturday as store clerk Terry Polsgrove, 19, was shutting up for the night.

A few teenagers are seen trickling into the Chevron Food Mart, then, all of a sudden, 30 to 40 teenagers are dancing and acting ‘crazy’ down the aisles and in the parking lot.

The surveillance video shows some of the youths shoplifting chips, candy and soda worth about $200, Kelly McKethan, spokesperson for the Bryan Police Department, told The Eagle.

Polsgrove said said it was too much for the two workers to handle inside, adding that one of the suspects even stole beer but dropped it on the way out.

‘Within a matter of 20 minutes, I was overwhelmed by kids ages 8 to 17, I mean it was crazy,’ Polsgrove said.

‘I’ve never seen anything as crazy as that.

No one was injured during the 20 minutes that the large group spent in and around the store.

Polsgrove can be seen trying to pull the doors closed, he said to separate the teens. But the group swamps him and he gives up.

He told the Eagle that the group said they’d been at a teen night at Club Nice across the street before they descended on the store.

McKethan said Saturday’s incident did not appear to be premeditated.

But investigators are using the video to identify young thieves who could be charges with theft, criminal mischief or organized criminal activity.


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Drugs, Hippies, Nihilism and Immorality, on Display, in Colorado’s, legalization of Marijuana

January 1, 2014, Denver, Colorado (Associated Press) — The nation’s first recreational pot industry opened in Colorado on Wednesday, kicking off an experiment that will be followed closely around the world and one that activists hope will prove that legalization is a better alternative than the costly American-led drug war.

Business owners who threw open their doors for shoppers at 8 a.m. are looking for the fledgling industry to generate as much revenue as state officials hope it will. At least 24 pot shops in eight towns opened, after increasing staff and inventory and hiring security.

More than a dozen people waiting in line outside one shop in Denver, as snow fell around dawn. Musician James Aaron Ramsey, 28, was among them, having driven from Missouri. He played folk tunes with his guitar as he waited.

“I’m going to frame the receipt when I go home, to remind myself of what might be possible. Legal everywhere,” Ramsey said, who had served a brief jail sentence for pot possession less than a year ago and was excited to legally buy weed.

Just as shops opened, the Denver police department tweeted, “Do you know the law?” and linked to city websites on state and local laws that include bans on public consumption, driving under the influence, taking marijuana out of state and giving pot to anyone under 21.

Shopper Jacob Elliott traveled from Leesburg, Va., to be among the first to buy legal pot. He said he wrote reports in college about the need to end prohibition of marijuana, but never thought it could happen in his lifetime.

“This breaks that barrier,” he said.

Tinted windows on a black limousine idling outside a dispensary showed another side of the newly legal weed market — people eager to try legal marijuana, but not ready to be seen publicly buying it.

Addison Morris, owner of Rocky Mountain Mile High Tours, had 10 clients waiting inside who paid $295 for three hours of chauffeuring by a “marijuana concierge” who would help them choose strains and edible pot products.

“We’re your grandmother’s pot connection,” the 63-year-old said. “We’re not the hippie stoners who are going to stand in this cold and party.”

Morris said she’s booked through the end of February with out-of-state clients. Guests receive samples in designer bags before getting tours. She said she’s selling discretion. Guests are asked to leave cameras at home.

Earlier, pot users welcomed the new year — and the new industry — by firing up bongs and cheering in a cloud of marijuana smoke at a 1920s-themed “Prohibition Is Over” party in downtown Denver.

Skeptics worry the industry will make the drug more widely available to teens, even though legal sales are limited to adults over 21. They fear that the increased availability will lead to a rise in drug abuse and crime.

Preparation for the retail market started more than a year ago, soon after Colorado voters in 2012 approved the legal pot industry. Washington state has its own version, which is scheduled to open in mid-2014. Uruguay passed a law in December to become the first nation to regulate pot.

Pot advocates, who had long pushed legalization as an alternative to the lengthy and costly global drug war, had argued it would generate revenue for state coffers and save money in locking up drug offenders.

Still, setting up regulations, taxation and oversight for a drug that’s never been regulated before took some time.

Colorado set up an elaborate plant-tracking system to try to keep the drug away from the black market, and regulators set up packaging, labeling and testing requirements, along with potency limits for edible pot.

The U.S. Justice Department outlined an eight-point slate of priorities for pot regulation, requiring states to keep the drug away from minors, criminal cartels, federal property and other states in order to avoid a federal crackdown. Pot is still illegal under federal law.

Police in the eight Colorado towns allowing recreational pot sales stepped up patrols to dispensaries in case of unruly crowds. Denver International Airport placed signs on doors warning fliers they can’t take the drug home in their suitcases.

With the additional police patrols, the airport warnings and various other measures, officials hoped they have enough safeguards in place to avoid predictions of public health and safety harm from the opening of the pot shops.

They are aware of how many people, from across the country and around the world, were watching. “We understand that Colorado is under a microscope,” Jack Finlaw, lawyer to Gov. John Hickenlooper and overseer of a major task force to chart new pot laws, recently told reporters.

There was no shortage of skeptics worried retail pot would endanger the public. A group of addiction counselors and physicians said they’re seeing more marijuana addiction problems, especially in youths, and that wider pot availability will exacerbate the problem.

“This is just throwing gas on the fire,” said Ben Cort of the Colorado Center for Dependency, Addiction & Rehabilitation at the University of Colorado Hospital.

Not all marijuana users in Colorado are toasting the dawn of retail sales.

Some medical marijuana patients groups say they’re worried about supply. That’s because the retail inventory for recreational use is coming entirely from the preexisting medical inventory. Many in the industry warned patients to stock up before the sales began.

It was too soon to tell whether prices were going up.

For now, medical patients should have plenty of places to shop. Most of Colorado’s 500 or so medical marijuana shops haven’t applied to sell recreational pot, and many that have plan to serve both recreational and medical patients

Marijuana activists were hoping Colorado’s grand experiment wouldn’t be that noticeable after an initial rush of shopping.

“Adults have been buying marijuana around this country for years,” said Mason Tvert, spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project. “The only difference is that in Colorado they will now buy it from legitimate businesses instead of the underground market.”

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Jacob McDaniel Murders Aubrey Peters in Wreckless Shooting, Noblesville Indiana

December 10, 2013 Noblesville Indiana (WTHR) — Police have charged a Noblesville man with reckless homicide and pointing a firearm in the shooting death of a 16-year-old Noblesville girl Sunday night.

Jacob Travis McDaniel, 20, was formally charged Monday for the death of Aubrey Peters, a Noblesville High School junior. Police found Peters with a gunshot wound at McDaniel’s home on River Run Place shortly before 11:30 p.m. Sunday. She died at St. Vincent Hospital shortly after she arrived.

During McDaniel’s initial court appearance, a bail bondsman rushed a family member from the courtroom. The woman told McDaniel during the hearing, “We’re here to support you, no matter what.”

According to court records, Aubrey and two young men were at McDaniel’s home. He was showing off a shotgun and a handgun. When Aubrey refused to hold the pistol, McDaniel removed the magazine of bullets, aimed at the girl and pulled the trigger. A witness told police Aubrey grabbed her chest, asking, “What just happened?”

Police arrested McDaniel at the scene on preliminary charges of criminal recklessness, a C-felony, and pointing a firearm, a D-felony. The charge was upgraded to reckless homicide after prosecutors reviewed the case Monday.

McDaniel first claimed the gun fell from a table and went off, but later made a video confession to investigators.

Peters was a junior at Noblesville High School, who excelled in her class work. She was loved by her peers and teachers at the high school. Principal Jeff Bryant said it has been a difficult day for everyone.

“It is one of the most upsetting things we’ve had. We’ve had other tragedies, but this has hit a lot of people, both adults and students, at the school,” Bryant said.

Students began the day with a moment of silence, which classmate Haley Elston said lasted all day.

“It was just, like, very silent and there was no one smiling and, like, it’s always happy at our school and everybody gets along. But today it was silent,” she said.

Peters was honored in 2011 for her role in the rescue of two young children who had fallen through the ice in Morse Reservoir the year before. She alerted her grandparents and called 911 to help save the two children.

“I was telling 911, ‘You have to come quickly, you have to come quickly or they’re going to die,” Peters told Eyewitness News after the rescue. “At the time, I just thought, ‘I have to save them. I don’t want them to pass away. I’m not thinking, ‘I am going to get an award.'”

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the NPD Criminal Investigation Division at (317) 776-6340

Noblesville man charged with reckless homicide in teen’s shooting, Noblesville, Murder, Shooting, Shooter in teen’s death thought gun was empty, Hero teen who found fame by saving two children from frozen lake shot dead by friend who aimed ’empty’ gun at her and pulled trigger’,

17 U.S.C. § 107

Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

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Iniubong Ebong is Convicted for Murder of his Daughter in Houston, Texas


December 9, 2013 Houston Texas (KHOU) — A Harris County jury found a father guilty of capital murder Monday afternoon in the death of his 5-month-old daughter.

Iniubong Ebong was convicted of hitting his baby daughter, Indya Ebong, so hard he lacerated her liver in November 2010.

The sentencing phase of the trial will begin on Tuesday.

Investigators said Ebong, who was 31 at the time of the incident, was babysitting the infant while her mother worked a double shift on Black Friday. He called the mother to say the girl needed to go to the hospital because something was wrong.

When the mother arrived, she found her daughter unresponsive and the father sound asleep. The baby was pronounced dead at the hospital. Authorities believe she had actually been dead a couple of hours before the mom arrived home.

An autopsy later determined the cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Her liver had been lacerated.

CPS said the family had no history of trouble at the home. They said Iniubong Ebong didn’t live with his daughter, but babysat for her sometimes.

Authorities said he first claimed he dropped the child, then later admitted he struck her because she wouldn’t stop crying.

Murder, Assault, Harris County, Houston, Houston father convicted capital murder in death of infant daughter, Texas, HPD: Dad admitted he hit baby when she kept crying, Dad charged in baby girl’s death, Black, Houston Police Department,

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Shunravion Jackson Charged in the New Haven Fatal Shooting, of Shamar Willet

December 9, 2013 New Haven Connecticut (WTNH) — New Haven police have arrested an 18-year-old New Haven man in connection with a fatal shooting on Saturday afternoon.

Shamar Willet, 23, was found with a gunshot wound in the chest when police responded to the second floor of his 35 Harding Place home around 1:30 p.m. on Saturday.

He was transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police have charged Shunravion Jackson with manslaughter in the second-degree and interfering with police.

Police plan to hold a news conference at 3:30 p.m. today.

18-Year-Old Charged in New Haven Fatal Shooting, New Haven, Connecticut, Murder, Shooting, New Haven police: 18-year-old faces second-degree manslaughter charge in fatal shooting, New Haven teen was allegedly playing around when he fatally shot man, 23, 18-Year-Old Charged in New Haven Fatal Shooting,

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John Lynn Murders Brittany, Kamesha Mills and Artara Benson in Manchester, CT


December 9, 2013 Manchester Connecticut (WFSB) Police have identified the man suspected of shooting three women in Manchester before turning the gun on himself.

Officers were called after reports of multiple shots being fired in the area of 190 Pine St. at about 9:40 p.m.

Within two minutes of receiving the emergency call, police arrived at the parking lot of the Dye House Apartments to find a man, who was later identified as 42-year-old John Lynn, armed with a handgun and holding his 13-month-old son named Jace.

According to police, Lynn put the toddler on the ground and then got into a “very brief confrontation” with officers.

Lynn shot himself in front of the officers, killing himself, police said.

Jace was not injured but taken for evaluation at a nearby hospital, police said.

“It should be noted that the officers’ quick response to the scene prevented the suspect from being able to flee with the child and likely saved the child’s life,” police said in a release Sunday.

None of the officers were injured. However, one did fire at Lynn, but police believe the officer missed the suspect.

Police searched the Dye House Apartments and located the bodies of 28-year-old Brittany Mills, of Manchester, and her cousins, 23-year-old Kamesha Mills, of Manchester, and 46-year-old Artara Benson, of Vauxhall, NJ.

Jace was the 13-month-old son of Brittany Mills, according to her sister, Tashua Parker.

Parker said Brittany Mills had a restraining order against Lynn and was trying to get him to leave. Lynn was paying child support, but Parker said he told the court he didn’t have enough money.

“She thought by getting the restraining order and telling him to move, he would go back to his mother’s and leave her alone,” Parker said.

Brittany Mills along with Kamesha Mills and Benson had just returned home from shopping right before the shooting, Parker said.

“You can’t imagine all the stuff they bought for Christmas. It’s still in the house,” Parker said.

Police said they believe there was fight between the victims and Lynn before the shooting.

Kenny Blue told Eyewitness News his daughter, Kameisha Mills, and Brittany Mills were always together.

“She always told me she loved me,” Blue said. “My last words to her were, ‘I love you.'”

According to police, Lynn was previously arrested in Manchester on June 19 and charged with two counts of disorderly conduct.

However, Hartford police said Lynn was arrested more than 30 times for drugs and assault. He also served time in jail for failing to pay child support.

Buelha Lynn said her son was the father of seven children, but he was not a bad man.

“I hate that it happened to the Mills’ family,” said Buelha Lynn. “I hate it.”

Buelha Lynn said her son had trying to help with his children, but even with three jobs, he could not.

“He had been to me three or four times, telling me about all of his problems,” said Buelha Lynn. “How he was stressed out and couldn’t support his kids.”

The shooting remains under investigation by the Manchester Police Department and the Connecticut State Police Central District Major Crime Squad, which is “standard protocol for officer-involved shootings.”


Connecticut, Manchester, Shooting, Murder, Assault, Relatives of 3 women killed in Manchester shooting speak out, Police believe man killed 3 women, himself, Vauxhall New Jersey,

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Mixed-Race Model, Franco-Benise, won by Political Correctness



What a Sick Joke — If white people win anything: ITS RACIST!!!!! Read further into this article and you will see that the decisions were based on race. The article says Six million Muslims live in France – yet none of them were picked. This proves that the pageant is politically motivated. This Politically Correct nonsense must stop — and will be stopped — it’s just a matter of time.

Look at how beautiful the other contestants are!!! And a mediocre mulatto won? YOU KNOW this is motivated by the liberals for one purpose — transition our nations from homogenous into multi-racial countries. We have to fight the Media Establishment and the NUTS they employ in judging these contests.

December 9, 2013 Paris France — Miss France beauty contest has ended with a Franco-Benise student winning the competition and today insisting that the country was happily ‘mixed’.

Flora Coquerel, a 19-year-old whose mother is from the West African state of Benin, was crowned on live television on Saturday night.

It follows accusations that all the contestants were ‘as white and snow’ and chief judge, movie star Alain Delon, joining the anti-immigration National Front.

Delon quit as the lifetime president of the beauty pageant in October when people said the contest was increasingly reflecting the inherent racism in French society.

But Ms Coquerel said: ‘I am very proud to represent a cosmopolitan France. It shows that today’s France is a mixed France, where there is every culture, and I think a lot of people will see themselves in me.’

Ms Coquerel was voted Miss France 2014 by a combination of votes from the TV audience and a celebrity jury.

Last year Louis-Georges Tin, the president of CRAN (Representative Council of Black Associations), said there were not enough black contestants.

Mr Tin said: ‘The failure to represent the contemporary French population in an event such as this is obviously serious. It amounts to denying the very existence of French people of African origin.

‘In the antiquated world of Miss France, blacks apparently can only come from overseas departments’.

There was also anger expressed at the lack of Muslim contestants in the contest, especially as there are more than six million Muslims living in France.

Last month black justice minister Christiane Taubira was taunted with bananas, leading to black newsreader Harry Roselmack saying ‘racist France is back’. The National Front is enjoying huge success in polls, and is predicted to win almost a quarter of the national vote in European elections next year.

This is despite its anti-immigration agenda, and the fact that its founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen. In 1998 Le Pen expressed annoyance that a mixed race France football team won the World Cup in Paris. Others claimed the victory proved the country was a ‘rainbow nation’, but four years later Le Pen came runner-up in the presidential elections.

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Satanists want a monument in Oklahoma’s capitol — ACLU files suit to remove Ten Commandments


The Ten Commandments display was installed at the Capitol property last year over the objections of legal minds who said the display violated the concept of church and state separation. The American Civil Liberties Union chapter lead by Brady Henderson; filed a suit to have it removed.

Satanic Group Responsible for the Oklahoma City Statue:

October 22, 2013 Oklahoma City Oklahoma — In downtown Oklahoma City, Satanists held a Ritual in public at the Civic Center. The ritual began at 8 p.m. Thursday and drew plenty of controversy. Before making it inside where the Satanists were practicing their religion, prayers were heard outside by groups opposing the ritual. Chiquita Carbajal said she is against the ritual. “No place for Satan in Oklahoma,” she said. One woman outside began screaming at the Christians to kill each other and rape children. “God doesn’t exist,” she said.

December 9, 2013 Oklahoma City Oklahoma — A New York-based Satanic group plans to submit designs this month for a monument it wants to erect on the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol.

The move comes after the state’s Republican legislature authorized a privately funded Ten Commandments monument to be placed on capitol grounds last year, according to the Associated Press. A spokesman for the New York-based Satanic Temple credited Oklahoma Rep. Mike Ritze (R) — who championed and helped to fund the Commandments monument — for clearing the path for his organization.

“He’s helping a satanic agenda grow more than any of us possibly could,” the spokesman, Lucian Greaves, said. “You don’t walk around and see too many satanic temples around, but when you open the door to public spaces for us, that’s when you’re going to see us.”

The proposed monument could include a pentagram or an interactive display for children, according to AP. It would cost about $20,000, according to the group’s donation-collection webpage. It will also be child-friendly, the group says on their site.

“We are keenly attune to the need for a public-friendly design and plan is to make our monument an object of play for young children,” they write.

The legality of erecting religious displays in public spaces has a long and complicated history. Ten years ago in November, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from office after refusing to move a Ten Commandments monument from the state courthouse. The Supreme Court has weighed in on such displays in the past, but a gray area remains.

“So far the conclusion the Supreme Court seems to have come to is—if the religious display has been there for a long time then it’s fine to stay, but if it is not a historical object that has been there a long time, then this type of display in public places is unconstitutional,” Loyola Marymount University professor Rebecca Sager and University of Massachusetts Boston professor Keith Gunnar Bentele wrote in an August blog post. The two are co-authors, with others, of a book on state adoption of religious inclusion legislation.

From 1995 to 2009, they found 87 different laws passed at the state level aimed at expanding the “role of government in promoting or facilitating religious expression.” Thirty three of those laws authorized religious displays in public spaces. An Ohio bill introduced last week seeks to preempt limits on such public displays.

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The Beacham Group, LLC, (TRAC) Monitors Christians and Nationalists as Potential/State Terrorists

The Beacham Group, LLC, (TRAC)

Their Youtube Site :

514759b7854b0.imageVeryan Khan is associate publisher at The Beacham Group, LLC., and Editorial Director of its Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC). An expert in the philosophy and ethics of political violence.

Lists of several Religious and Nationalist-Groups as Terrorists. Recognize there are NO Communists, or Anti-Fascist groups listed within their terrorist list.

The Beacham Group, LLC, (TRAC) refers to Nationalists as imposing “State Terrorism”

Founded in 1985 as Beacham Publishing, The Beacham Group, LLC, is renowned for the creation of authoritative reference works that enable comprehensive research, especially on topics of emerging interest. Its acclaimed titles span the impact of climate change with Beacham’s Guide to Endangered Species and Beacham’s Guide to Environmental Issues to topical issues in literature to important societal concerns with The Encyclopedia of Social Change and its newly released TRAC (Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium).

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Brookyln Shooting: Cory Gouldbourne Fatally Shot By a Black Suspect


December 6, 2013 Brooklyn New York (New York Police Department – News12Brookyln) — Police have identified the victim in Monday morning’s Bed-Stuy shooting as Cory Goulbourne, 33. Goulbourne lived on East 37th Street in East Flatbush.

Police said Goulbourne could be seen on surveillance video coming out of the back exit of 77 Tompkins Ave. with another man. The other man, as yet unidentified, shoots Goulbourne in front of 85 Tompkins Ave., police said, then goes back inside 77 Tompkins Ave.

Police said Goulbourne crawled about 50 feet after being shot, before succumbing to his injuries. Later Monday morning, a trail of blood spatters could be seen starting from the middle of the pathway outside 85 Tompkins Ave. The spatters continue around the corner along the path leading out of the complex on to Tompkins Ave., but stop about midway. There, the remnants of a pool of blood was still visible several hours later.

The shooting occurred at the Tompkins Houses, a NYCHA public housing complex. This past summer, three teenage boys were shot at a basketball game at the nearby Marcy Houses. Police later arrested a suspect in that shooting inside 77 Tompkins Ave., the same building police said Goulbourne and the suspect left.

The NYPD is seeking the public’s assistance with the whereabouts of the following individual wanted in connection with the above homicide.

On Monday, December 2, 2013, at approximately 6:10 a.m., police responded to a 911 call of a person shot in front of 85 Tompkins Avenue (Tompkins Houses) within the confines of the 79 Precinct (PSA 3). Upon arrival, officers observed a 33-year-old male unconscious and unresponsive, with two gunshot wounds to his legs and torso. EMS also responded to the location and removed the victim to Kings County Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased. There are no arrest(s) at this time. The investigation is ongoing.

The suspect is wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt and is depicted in the video discharging a firearm at the victim.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.


New York City, NYC, New York Police, Brookyln, Black on White Crime, Black, Race wars, Cory Gouldbourne, 33, fatally shot outside Tompkins Houses at 85 Tompkins Ave., Surveillance video released in fatal shooting of Cory Gouldbourne at Bed-Stuy Tompkins Houses, Shooting, Murder,

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