xafflik7x is a audio-based sub-group, operated and owned by American Nationalist News.

We believe that Industrial Music is the future of music and we want to participate in this evolution.


Industrial Music was adapted as a mechanical/noise-based sound played by individuals, who were looking for a more grungier/mechanical taste in their electronic music. During the 70′s and 80′s disco and pop were the popular trends playing at that time. Artists looking for a bit more intensity started to unleash their artistry through distorting and warping LFO’s on their synthesizers. Through time these artists have developed new ways to warp their vocals by using pitch shifters and distortion.

Today, industrial music has evolved out of it’s beginnings, into several sub-genres, like Aggrotech and EBM. These musical genres continue to evolve and mesh themselves within horror and technological themes. We at American Nationalist News believe that these trends will continue, and will adapt Dub-step and several other new musical styles into future industrial bands.

For more information, or you would like to listen —

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