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Day of Rage #BlackLivesMatter Protests Set for Friday in 37 US Cities

Day of Rage Protests Across America

Use this as a list of places NOT to be on Friday the 15th.

No matter how great your empathy might be for those who have unjustly lost their lives, these protests are not safe places to be.
Here are the locations and times for the protests:

Read more here: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/07/warning-day-rage-blacklivesmatter-protests-set-friday-37-us-cities/

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Plot to Murder White Police Officers in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (WAFB) — Law enforcement released the names of three suspects in connection with a burglary at a pawn shop that is allegedly part of a larger conspiracy for an attack against police officers, according to Baton Rouge Police.

Officials say investigators learned that at least four men were plotting to violently attack police officers. Part of that alleged plot included breaking into the Cash America Pawn Store on Government Street for guns to commit the crimes.

Read more here: http://www.wafb.com/story/32429189/police-burglary-at-pawn-shop-part-of-plot-to-shoot-police-officers-due-to-protests

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Security Guard Assaults and Shoots at Two Men in Tampa Parking Garage

Tampa, Florida (FOX 13) – An argument over public urination in an Ybor City parking garage nearly turned deadly this weekend when shots rang out.

The gunman was a security guard hired by the City of Tampa.

Read more here: http://www.fox13news.com/news/local-news/173012981-story

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Man claming Blacklivesmatter, Shoots into Officer’s Patrol Car and Home, Screams “F*ck the Police”

Indianapolis, Indiana (WTHR) — Indianapolis’ police chief says a suspect is in custody after someone opened fire on an officer’s patrol car overnight outside the officer’s home.

Chief Troy Riggs says the officer’s cruiser was struck 3-4 times about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Barbara Greeson’s son alerted her that the rapid popping sound on their street overnight had to be gunfire. She woke up to police everywhere.

“They said it was only 17 shots, but it was, ‘BRRRR!’ Like that,” she said.

The gunfire happened at the home of her neighbor, Officer John Walters. The officer took cover inside as three bullets struck his police car and five rounds hit the house where his wife and son were sleeping.

One of the bullets struck really close.

Read more here: http://www.wthr.com/story/32425658/one-arrest-after-officers-house-car-apparently-targeted-in-shooting

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Illinois woman on ISIS ‘hit-list’ told to get Firearms by the FBI

St.Louis, Missouri. (KMOV) – A Granite City woman who is reportedly on an ISIS hit-list said an FBI agent came to her home and told her to “arm up” because she is a potential target.

A Special Agent with the FBI on Wednesday came to April Agers’ front door, knocked and delivered the startling news. Agers is on an ISIS hit-list.

The agent told Agers she’s been on the list since 2002 and 14 years later, this is the first time she knew she was a target. The agent said there’s a possible threat against her.

Read more here: http://www.kmov.com/story/32397072/st-louis-area-woman-on-isis-hit-list-told-to-arm-up

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Knock out game : Two Black Males, Assault, Marc Adams, in Charlottesville, Virginia

Important Note: Incident occurred on December 20, 2013. Charlottesville citizens feel The Police Department, has neglected to handle this case effectively. Some say, they are terrified to go out, now.

December 30, 2013, Charlottesville, Virginia, (c-ville.com) — A couple’s late night stroll on the Christmas-lit Downtown Mall turned to terror in the early morning hours of Friday, December 20, when they were brutally assaulted by three men in what appears to have been a random act of violence.

 Even though one of the victims, Jeanne Doucette, managed to take photos that appear to show the assailants as they kicked and pummeled her boyfriend Marc Adams to unconsciousness, Charlottesville Police still do not have any suspects. Doucette says there were other witnesses to the crime, which allegedly occurred just outside the Wells Fargo building at around 1am as she and Adams walked from Miller’s to Rapture, and she is baffled as to why the police haven’t shared her images more widely with people who could have seen the suspects earlier in the evening.
“I cannot understand why they didn’t let people know what happened,” said Doucette, who still bore injuries from the assault when she met for an interview a week later. “Those pictures might have prompted some tips.”
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Mark Edwards, Karan Abrams, Keyshawn Frazier Murder 19 Year-Old

December 23, 2013 Paterson, New Jersey (NJ.com) —  Police have identified three Paterson men they say are responsible for shooting someone in the head Saturday afternoon and are offering a reward for information about their whereabouts.

The 19-year-old victim was shot in the forehead, upper back and lower back sometime before 4:15 p.m. on the 100-block of Godwin Avenue in the city, police said. He remains in “extremely critical condition” at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, police said.

Authorities said they are looking for Mark Edwards, 20; Karan Abrams, 19 and Keshawn Frazier, 18.

All three are charged with attempted murder as well as various weapons offenses, police said.

Police said they will give $1,000 to anyone who can tell them where the men are.

The shooting was the third of the weekend in Paterson, a published report said.

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