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Nazi Camp Gaurd, Horst P. Explains how the so-called ‘Concentration Camps’ really operated.


December 13, 2013 Berlin Germany — Horst P. lives in the Gruenau section of Berlin with a female partner 14 years younger than him and has a photo collage of himself in an S.S. uniform in Dachau.

Over the photos are inscribed the words ‘Mein Kampf’ – meaning My Struggle. The photos show a time-line of his life and struggle.


Horst P. told the Bild newspaper in Germany: ‘Yes, I wanted to go into the S.S.  It was explained to me that it would be fun.’

Horst P. went on: ‘We were together with the prisoners each day. They were like colleagues. With some I even played cards. I ate the same things. There was even a certain camaraderie.


Horst P. went on to say, ‘If a criminal made trouble I reported him.  Then he was taken away and went into the special prison.  Sometimes I never saw him again.  But I never asked questions because I didn’t want it to appear that I had something to do with them.’

Important Note: It is essential that we understand this is the Talmudic way of justice, not the christian way. The Christian way is forgiveness and moving on. We Christians understand it is important for mental health and spiritual reasons to move on. Holding onto the past is poisonous. Let go, let GOD is the Christian motto. Unfortunately, they don’t believe in God — that’s why they take justice into their own hands.

Additional: The Prison camps were divided into different sections. If a prisoner got out of line, he was sent to a disciplinary section – which is no different than the American Prison System. Recognize the statement, ‘Then he was taken away and went into the special prison.  Sometimes I never saw him again.’ This doesn’t mean he was gassed as the editors of MailOnline want you to believe. The reader is assumed to believe that was the situation — based on a presupposition the ‘Simon Wiesenthal Center’, wants the reader to believe. But there is strong evidence to believe other-wise.

Reference: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2523219/Former-concentration-camp-guard-Mein-Kampf-picture-board.html

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The Beacham Group, LLC, (TRAC) Monitors Christians and Nationalists as Potential/State Terrorists

The Beacham Group, LLC, (TRAC) http://www.trackingterrorism.org/about

Their Youtube Site : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNHByTTjEcxw7-M7ZR6pfqA

514759b7854b0.imageVeryan Khan is associate publisher at The Beacham Group, LLC., and Editorial Director of its Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC). An expert in the philosophy and ethics of political violence. http://www.trackingterrorism.org/profile/veryan-khan

Lists of several Religious and Nationalist-Groups as Terrorists. Recognize there are NO Communists, or Anti-Fascist groups listed within their terrorist list.



The Beacham Group, LLC, (TRAC) refers to Nationalists as imposing “State Terrorism”


Founded in 1985 as Beacham Publishing, The Beacham Group, LLC, is renowned for the creation of authoritative reference works that enable comprehensive research, especially on topics of emerging interest. Its acclaimed titles span the impact of climate change with Beacham’s Guide to Endangered Species and Beacham’s Guide to Environmental Issues to topical issues in literature to important societal concerns with The Encyclopedia of Social Change and its newly released TRAC (Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium).

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