Jamieon Chatman, Murders, Errol Scott and Mark Womack, in Slidell, Louisiana


December 30, 2013, Slidell, Louisiana, (WWLTV) — Police say it’s one of the most violent incidents in Slidell’s history.

And early Saturday morning, the man believed to be responsible was arrested.

Jamieon Chatman was silent as Slidell Police walked him to a transport van. Police say the 22-year-old is cooperating and showing remorse, now that he’s charged with shooting 8 people outside a Slidell club, killing two.

Police captured the Covington resident around 1:30 Saturday morning at a home in Vermilion Parish, about 30 miles southeast of Lafayette. Police say Chatman was on the run, but Crimestoppers tips led to his arrest.

“The phones started ringing immediately,” said Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith. “Our community wanted justice, they wanted this individual to be behind bars just like I did.”

Police say Chatman used a .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun to fire into a crowd of about 75 people outside Shooter’s Social during a Christmas party early Thursday morning. They say the shooting stemmed from an altercation inside the club, and none of those shot were the intended targets.

Event promoter Savan Fisher was there.

“As soon as they started arguing, the bar got the guys outside. Words were exchanged outside, they tried to make it seem like a big fight,” said Savan. “It was more of people just trying to act like they tough and it just escalated from there.”

Errol Scott, 22, and Mark Womack, 23, were killed.

Scott’s friends say the arrest is bittersweet.

“It don’t bring him back, but it’s great that justice have been [served]. He’d be happy, so that’s great,” said Earvin Darby, Scott’s best friend.

Womack’s family is remembering him as well.

“My brother was such a caring, loving, compassionate, responsible, successful young man,” said Jayme Womack in a statement. “Even as a young boy he was so selfless and loving. For a school project one year he was asked by a teacher to write his wishes four wishes down. As a small child anyone would expect to have the answer of toys or games or a pet but not my little brother. He wished for my family members who are gone to be alive, all of our family to go to heaven, and that he would always be able to remember our family.”

Even with this latest arrest, policy say the investigation is far from over. They say multiple people helped Chatman hide from police and those people could face charges, too.

Slidell police admit crime is up slightly in the Olde Town area, but this latest arrest is a big relief for nearby businesses.

“For business owners in Olde Town, and for any usual in Olde Town that comes out, I feel like it makes you feel a whole lot safer and a whole lot better knowing that the guy was caught, and I’m sure it’s a whole lot easier on the families knowing now that someone who did something so horrible to so many people is locked up,” said Chris Sevin, Server at Tacos and Beer.

Police say four of the six survivors have been released from the hospital. The other two are expected to recover.

A vigil will be held at 7 p.m. Sunday near the site of the shooting to remember the victims.


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